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Gem Stone Engagement Rings

A splash of colour on a timeless classic.

Select one or many of these bold beauties and set them in a unique ring.

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Did you know we specialize in Platinum?

Platinum is the perfect metal in which to set beautiful and precious stones.  Legendary jewellers such as Cartier, Faberge and Tiffany created their timeless designs in platinum.

Because platinum is by far the strongest of all precious metals, stones set in platinum are very secure.  It is also extremely durable, so it wears better over a long period of time.

Rings with platinum prongs need less maintenance and hold gemstones more securely than other precious metals.

Platinum’s neutral colour enhances the natural brilliance of diamonds and other gemstones. The true whiteness of platinum complements the natural beauty of gemstones on any ring.

Not sure about a gemstone or a diamond?